The Cafe Cartel @ Plaza Singapura

Unexpected meet up session with ex-colleagues. This was taken few weeks ago when we decided to had our meet up session at The Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura.

We had a bad experience there as the staffs there are unfriendly and they practically don't smile at all. We need to put our hands up calling for order. After few attempts, we managed to get hold a waitress to serve us. Basically is PRC lady who doesn't smile at all and seems like look down on us as we only order platter. I forgot what sauce i requested and she said not available. So i opt out my choice of ordering french fries. If I am not mistaken, it is the tartar sauce.

Then we have another waitress which i guess is from Philippine.She has better smile and services. She would suggest me for wasabi sauce to replace on the actual sauce stated in the menu. It seems like the F&B services getting more PRC and Philippines to serve in front line which is really not a good signal. Services played an important role especially in front line as it symbolize the place and the country people.

The platter that we ordered..

I have Maria here with me. Haven't seen her for a year plus ever since i left singapore last year. She is still slim and beautiful mummy.
Jolene and Desmond. Jolene is doing well and still on medication and i salute her being independent to fight the battle well.

Us.. Haven't seen Desmond for like 2 years? He is still the same in terms of appearance. Very good catch up session together.

Group photo before we leave the restaurant.

A blessed saturday tea time with good companion and catch up session :)
But definitely not service in the restaurant.


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