Christmas Everywhere

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

This year christmas is slightly different. I got a xmas gift from close friend, SSC. Thanks to the gf and i got a gift from him. It was so sweet of him but i keep asking him why he give me present. Then the gf explained the story to me.Aha..then i know the truth.


We managed to meet up before xmas and had a pre-xmas dinner at Fish in Manhattam at Bedok point. It was a nice meet up session with the chit chatting and strolling back home.

Nevertheless, thanks for your gift my dear friend :)

Christmas trees taken every part of places in Singapore over the weekend.

Christmas Tree & Christmas Decorations @ Marina Bay Financial Centre, Paragon, 313 Sormerset,Tangs Orchard , Bugis Junction& Changi Airport Terminal 2

It was a raining christmas eve when we (alice & me) met Sun & Hui Ling at 313 somerset. Alice has a sharp eye and she managed to shout out their names although she has not met them for 12 years!!! Salute to her memory!

Took this shot with Alice and it shows a clearer picture of my outfit of the day.

It's from Merrymolly.

In love of the top collar especially. It provides me a very comfy feeling and i paired it with semi-formal trouser. Casual outfit for the whole day shopping of the day.

I was quite surprised to see changi airport decoration theme is angry birds. Posters and boards are all about angry birds. Lucky for me as i need to send Alice to airport so we took few snapshots before she checks in.

Shopping christmas for this season for me as i brought walnut and alice to singapore shopping continuously over the weekend. Spend quite a lot on apparels as it is really SALE! Worst part was that i already bought the hush puppies tops for my family guy and on the christmas day itself, the same actual top has further 15% off again! So i lost control again and digging sizes for my dad.haha! Sound like a typical aunty now. I'm splurging recently over the christmas season.

Neverthless, I am glad to old fren to drop by and i can bring her around singapore shopping. I am glad that she is very happy to have the shopping spree which she seldom does back in KL. I sound like devil urging people to spend money. haha!!


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