HinoMaru Japanese Restaurant

On the last day of the year, my dad made a reservation at this recommended japanese restaurant located at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru for dinner. So, we headed over as a whole family to dine in there with the reserved private room.

The restaurant is located at the second floor of the shop lots. But the restaurant has a very big signage so you won't miss it.

There will be appetizer for the day which served different types of appetizer for random days. For this time round, we had the pickles with seaweed mixed with the vinegar and a slice of lemon. The appetizer is very refreshing and it is served cold. Presentation is attractive as well with the sesame sprinkle on top of the appetizer.

Sashimi is a MUST dish to order when you step into any japanese restaurant. But this one really served fresh sashimi with different kind of fishes. We have salmon, hamachi, maguro, shiro maguro, shellfish (Hokigai) and mekajiki if i'm not mistaken. All are sliced into thick ones and definitely satisfied your desire for sashimi because it satisfied mine. I can't get enough of it.

Bacon Negi Okonomiyaki which I adored the most. I love the taste of the okinomiyaki with the hanakatsuo (dried fish flakes) scattered on top of the bacon and thin crusted pancake.
Simply delicious! The combination is great with bacon, mayonnaise and sauce enhance the taste of the pancake.

Next we have Ebi Miso Yaki - Grilled tiger prawn with miso sweet and salty sauce on top of the meat which brings out the taste of it and the meat is tender. Thumbs up!

Gindara (Cod fish) coated with mentaiko sauce. The meat texture is soft and tender and the sauce enhance the taste of the fish. I love it!

Favourite dish and recommendation by my mum. Spinach bacon salad which is truly thumbs up! The combination was great. The thickness of bacon is just nice. The thickness was approximately 2mm? or maybe 5mm? Based on my estimation. Thus, we able to munch together with the spinach and olive oil. You won't feel fattening after having it as it really open up your appetite.

Beef Steak which i don't enjoyed it as the meat was overcooked when it is served on the sizzling pot. I would prefer the meat is medium well done when it is served in the sizzling pot.

Momiji maki- Sushi wrapped with soft shell crab and mentai sauce on top of the sushi.
The rice texture is soft and you able to taste the soft shell crab immediately when you have it.

Crispy Onion Ebi maki- This is interesting as it is my first time having sushi with the combination of slices of onion which is deeply fried till so crispy when you munch it, you can hear the sound of the crunchiness. This is a creative combination and taste is nice as well.

However, the private room has no sound proofing as we can hear conversation from another room. However, the private room can fits up to 10pax which is pretty good if we wish to have a gathering session.

Service wise wasn't that good that night. It was quite disappointing as we were waiting for our ocha pot refilled but no one came back to us. Maybe they are short-handed and full house that day. Maybe this explains the reason.

Neverthless the lady boss did give us 10% discount from the total bill. Total damage was around RM300++ not more than RM350 for 8 pax. Sound reasonable? I think yes as the sashimi portion was quite satisfying as we can't get such good deal in Singapore with reasonable price.

38A, Jalan Kuning
Taman Pelangi
80400 Johor Bahru

Tel: +60 7334 1319


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