Dinner at Crystal Jade @ Suntec City Mall

It was a lovely friday last week as i met up with 2 buddies for dinner and hang out chit chatting. Hock Thiam was in business trip to Singapore and called up SSC for dinner. SSC whatsapp me and so here we have threesome together having dinner at Crystal Jade @ Suntec City Mall.

We ordered set menu for 2 pax with additional soup serving and plain rice.
Luckily the portion of the foods are enought for 3 persons as we are struggling to finish up the dishes.

Green vegetable with the soup base to go with the plain rice.

Chicken soup with herbal ingredients in. The soup is oily from the surface but the taste is good. It is brewed with strong taste not commercial taste which is tasteless.

Roasted chicken with char siew which the meat is tender and chewy.

Vegetables with prawn and cuttlefish.

Sweet & Sour Pork which taste exactly the name of the dish. I would prefer they present the pork with smaller portion as it is a big too much for a slice for me.

Lastly we have desserts which the 2 guys choose to have red bean soup and I got myself mango pudding. The overall dinner is nice with the food and also the services. The staffs are prompt to respond and also servings.

You can find out more of Crystal Jade Restaurant for more information.

No much comment of the restaurant as i find it moderate and no special addictive to the food here. It's not the restaurant is not nice but it serves quality foods to customers.

I was more into the conversation together with friends that night. So many years of friendship and the feeling is still the same except the time flies and we aged. The maturity grow together with time and the conversation is mature then :)


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