Project 365-Osaka Town @ Raffles City

Close up angle of the seafood okonomiyaki with egg and bonito flakes on top off it.

Seafood Okonomiyaki consists of scallop & prawn only.
Supposedly should have prawns, squids & scallops but Joanne requested only prawn and scallops instead.

It's basically mid-range japanese restaurant and the foods there are so-so only to me. No much of attraction for me. Taste wise is acceptable and presentation is not bad. However, i don't really enjoyed it much as it is not to my taste bud.

Nevertheless the okonomiyas are stuffed with big prawns, scallops and squids which makes the pancake rich with ingredients. It will be best to share among dinner mates. I can't finish mine as i felt too much for my portion already and i would opt for other food instead. The price is affordable and i believe it still have its own market of customers to patronize.

Gorgeous Joanne & myself.
Dinner was great with great companion. Phew! Last minute decision and we finally meet up after 2 years plus. We shared similar mindset and trademarks which i find it kinda amusing. I knew her through roadshow and that's how we became friends. Lovingly to get to know her and nice bonding session that night.

Snap using iPhone on 20th March- Project 365


Osaka Town
B1-72/73/74 Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore


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