Bangkok Travelogue: Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak (or Jatujak; Thai: จตุจักร)weekend market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand. Finally get the chance to explore the local foods in the market. There are many stalls selling similar stuffs along the road and we can bargain the price.

Love this handmade painting done by the local street artist.

First stop we have the coconut ice-cream.
It is pure coconut taste and comes with the coconut drink.

You can add toppings on the coconut ice-cream to make the taste even better and refreshing.
We added nata de coco in as well.

We also tried their local soup with the intenses pigs. It is just located along the stalls and it is delicious. Pipping hot served and it suits our taste buds as well.

While waiting for the traditional coffee to ready, took picture of my sisters.
Get the meaning of the picture? "Speak no devil, See no devil, Hear no devil".

The coffee was made from the original way as the coffee maker will grind the coffee bean from it's traditional tools. It's my first time to see such traditional way of doing business.Perhaps not in city area. But the coffee was fragrance and taste good too. I don't usually fancy coffee but this one really perks me up.

Then we came across the stalls selling pork leg(knuckle) and my dad insisted to try.
So we ordered a plate to try without rice because rice is very filling.

Tasty meat texture with the ready sauce.

See how rich the knuckle displayed at the stall..
.It makes my saliva drooling while typing it out..

Next we came across this roasted meat. The stall was selling them like hot cakes. We ordered some to try on the spot and it is extremely crispy and meaty too. It goes very well with their chilli sauce.

See how tasty it can be with the photos of my sister tasting it?hehe!

After all the tasting, we are thirsty and we headed to try their coconut drink.

Another recommendation from sis. The squid eggs.
It is fried together and served with their local chilli.Super tasty and fresh also.
You will get the picture when u scroll down for the next photo below.

We also ordered their local ice milk tea to try.
The taste is alike breadtalk milk tea except it has heavier taste instead.

There goes the trip to Chatuchak market where we filled our stomach from the beginning til the end of the market. We did some shopping too as some of the stuffs are quite cheap to purchase. But i think the local foods there are quite delicious and price are reasonable too.


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