Bangkok Travelogue: Reflections @ Terminal 21

We spent the last night dinner at Reflections @ Terminak 21.
The restaurant has colourful concepts with colourful decorations.
It serves modernize Thai's delicacies.

The white chairs are filled up with handwrittings and drawings.

The foods that we ordered:-

Seafood tom yam soup that we are tempted to it.
It is different taste from the one we had locally. I prefer this one!

This is something interesting. It is blended coconut water.
It is pure coconut drink taste.

Sticky rice with mango. The mango is soft and sweet.

Sticky rice with durian. It is very milky and the durian is a bit hard.
I don't really fancy it.
I still prefer their sticky rice and mango.

That marks the end of Bangkok trip with family.
It was a fruitful trip with lotsa food exposure.

Looking forward for the next trip with family.


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