Ardent's Cafe Bar @ 80 Neil Road

This weekend is slightly different from the usual ones as i spent my weekend in Singapore. After several of attempts to meet up for a dinner and obviously failed badly due to my inconsistency work timing. So, we ended up having our breakfast brunch together on this beautiful Sunday :) 

Ardent's Cafe Bar which located at 80 Neil Road and a walking distance from Outram Park MRT was our choice for the day. If you wish to give it a try, do exit from Exit H and it is about 300++ m away. 

The cafe is actually a shop house renovated to be a cafe on the day time and bar at night time. The design was cosy and the ambiance is quite soft and relax. The lightings played a part too as it is not glaring and the lights are dimmer so you totally can't feel the outdoor brightness. However, the design out from the cafe door is a space of green garden with the swings and white garden chairs and bench around it. The interior design and the exterior design gave me a different kind of feeling.

Below are our choice of the day:-

A pot of passionfruit tea S$6.80.
 The fragance smell of the passionfruit which smells very sweet but when i drank, it doesn't taste sweet at all. By the way, it's refillable :)

Ardent's Breakfast Free Style S$20.00
You can choose 5 items from the menu lists given. 
Snail Sausage, sauteed mushroom, smoked salmon, bacon, turkey ham. 
The snail sausage is a cheese sausage as I cut into smaller size, the cheese flows out from the sausage. The smoked salmon taste good as well.  

We ordered plain rosti S$7.80 with add-on honey baked ham S$3.50.
The plain rosti is quite disappointing though.
 I still prefer Marche rosti as this one a bit hard and taste like not well-cooked. 

Here is my breakfast brunch partner, Charlene for the day.

Overall the services are acceptable. 
The service staff has a pleasant smile and very approachable. 
Overall I would review as 3 out of 5 and it's a nice place to hang out as well.

Ardent's Cafe Bar
80 Neil Road


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