Project 365: Grandma's Restaurant @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

30/4/2012: Last day of April and my day ended up meeting with my ex-colleagues from KL. Penny came to Singapore for a long weekend vacation. I finally managed to meet up with her on Monday night after work. Issac is happen to be free as well for the meet up. Both Issac and me resigned at the same time and he move to Singapore for his new job. It is nearly 2 years that we left KL for work. 

Time flies!

We went to Grandma's Restaurant at Raffles City Shopping Centre for dinner. This is my second time to Grandma's Restaurant. The first time was 2 years ago. I know it's super long.The first post is here.

It shares the similar concept with Madam Kwan's Restaurant at KL, Malaysia. Both restaurant serves local foods such as nasi lemak, hokkien mee, cendol and many more. We ordered Nasi Bukhari which is also a good try recommendation. The chicken is pipping hot when it is served and the meat texture is tender. The stired fried onion is irrestible and it can simply go well with plain rice alone. So is the beef rendang of the side dish. The sambal petai is awesome as well. The prawn size is big and the sambal wasn't that spicy i thought. Tofu was very soft and it compliments with the chicken floss as the topping.

Dinner was great. We had chit chat about the times we went through during our work in KL. Although the time spent in short but the bonding is there. Wishing our team 7 members all the best in undertakings!!

Happy Labour Day everyone!!


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