Project 365: Last Week of June

# 24/6 : Finally got the time for a movie session with sister and had my favourite chips.

#25/6 & 26/6 : OT-ing in office as usual

#27/6 : Impromptu visit and glad to catch up with Sin Yee. She is such a sweet lady and full of love nowadays :)

#28/6 : Reached home and receive the free peeling mask sample.Thanks Jacqueline :)

#29/6 : Stock take which i participated for the second time. Worked throughout midnite rushing for tenders and helping out on stock take. Rough friday night

#30/6 : Big day for CM & XY. Both had a gorgeous wedding photos taken and great wedding dinner as well. It's more like a gathering dinner with old friends and glad to catch up as well

#1/7 : Brand new July and sis and I headed to Changi Airport to fetch my dad back from holiday

P/S : Workload is increasing and hardly have time for myself and social life.
 I try to update my blog often.


sheau ying said...

After reading all your recent posts, finally found myself here, :p You'd managed a great blog, well done Hazel!:)

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