Ichiban Boshi @ NEX, Serangoon

Impromptu dinner happened once in a while. It just happened two weeks ago and colleagues and I decided to go for dinner after work for bonding sessions. Bonding sessions with new colleagues from design & sales department. So we ended up at Ichiban Boshi @ NEX, Serangoon. It has been quite sometime since my last visit to Ichiban outlets. I miss having Japanese foods for food tasting.

We ordered sashimi which consists of fresh salmon, scallop, yellowtail, maguro, mekajiki, ebi and also tako. Simply enlarge my appertizer for the night and the freshness of the dishes. The scallop taste sweet and i love the colours of the sashimi!!

We also ordered ala carte and also the chef recommendation to share. The portion for chef recommendation was generous as usual and luckily we all shared the foods and managed to finish everything.

Ended the dinner with matcha ice-cream with red bean and dumpling. It is the usual choice when i visit Ichiban outlets as this is the yummy dessert for me. Simple but filling! I miss having foods at Ichiban outlets as it taught me from zero knowledge on japanese foods to basic knowledge on japanese foods. 

Just a random post on dinning experience with colleagues @ Ichiban outlets. The staffs are friendly but slow to respond though. Perhaps we are seated far behind corner of the restaurant and we have difficulties being seen by the staffs. Overall dinning experience was nice though.Looking forward for dinning with colleagues for bonding sessions as we able to share our different views and thoughts other than work stuffs :)


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