Ex-Sec Gathering @ Ichiban Boshi Esplanade

Had a Successful sec gathering on Tuesday 27th at one of my company outlet, Ichiban Boshi Esplanade. Feeling sense of achievement as i finally manageto have 12ppl attended the gathering. Let's see who have here:-
Chia ming(finally back to sg seeking for Job), Seong Chuan(busy with work), Zihui as usual (back frm Taiwan holiday),Fong Hong (back frm Japan holiday), Ching Qing (back frm KL gathering), Enling (back frm phuket), Sheau ying(working in McDs), Ting Wei (bringing her bf along),Michelle(good PR) & Sinyee(Jx arrive Sg to join the fun). Everyone is doing perfectly well..
@ Group tat nite@

~Sinyee in the group (new member)~hehe
Gals Gang + Chia Ming~

Sheau Ying( left), Fong Hong(Right), Seong CHuan & Me~

Everyone is stil the same but the age is growing..We are looking for more people in future to join the gathering. So, hope the organiser for the new event will have more activities for us..But i'm happy to see my effort is not wasted as i keep sms here & there to confirm everything..
The dinner starts around 7plus as everyone is late that day..But we had great talks with each other..The dinner ends around 9pm where i was asked to foot the bill~~Guess how much we spent?? SGD 204.56..Not really that expensive if to divide to 12ppl..
So, we ended the gathering by saying goodbye & exchanging hp nos..Sound like dating events stuffs huh?Coz some has been almost like 4 years didn't met up especially Enling because she is too mysterious and no one is able to haunt her..haha!!Sound til so serious..Jz kidding~

After the dinner, chia ming join me & sin yee to Singapore Flyer..We actually WALKED there! It tooks us 15mins to get there from Esplanade entrance..(Just type Singapore flyer at yahoo.com.sg you will have the information you need about the EYE of SINGAPORE)The night scene is very wonderful and nice. Sin yee keep taking pics non-stop..haha!Pictures to be upload later when i get from her. She is still in Melbourne and getting back dubai maybe by weekend..
We took 10pm which is the last flight of the day for the Sg Flyer & we had the whole cabin ourselves and we started taking pics here & there..The scenery looks so different at the night time..So, if you were to ask me when is the best time to go flyer should be NITE TIME..Everything you see from the top looks so tiny little fireflies running around & the flyer itself spot lights make everything looks wonderful..So romantic & quiet & peaceful..Wish U r there..


Anonymous said...

i too wish i was there wif u always..miss u so so much

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