Bad Nit3

It was a bad nite for me yesterday. I went to bed around 9plus last nite. And suddenly my stomach suddenly feel so pain. I thought the pain would go away but it seems like getting worse. The pain has finally woke me up and i rush to the toilet.

I think i'm stuck in the toilet for more than 15mins. My hands keep pressing on my stomach and the feeling of pain reminds me the experience i had during my diploma studies in KL. It's like something in your stomach and is piercing pain. The feeling is back again~~ Then i began to feel out of breathe. Seems like it hot & i'm perspiring all over.I couldn't take it anymore so i'm out of the toilet and the moment i stood up, i feel dizzy and couldn't stand still..

Guess what?i slipped and sat on the floor just in front of my toilet door. Totally no energy at all to stand or talk. I feel so weak and can't talk at all at that very moment. However, i try to walk towards the living room. One of my housemate is there. he quickly went down to 7-eleven to buy panadol and stomach pain medicine for me. Thank godness he's there...
I took the medicine & was feeling much better. But the pain is still with me continuosly. It was around 11plus at nite and i should be sleeping soundly in the bed..haih..i guess it's food poisioning..
Leaving no choice that i still have to work tomorrow, i forced myself to bed. It was then i finally get thru my painful nite with the morning wake up going to gym again. My routine life is back but still got a sharp pain. I still need to bear with it~~Thanks for comforting me when i'm in such great pain~


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