FinaLLy Down~~

Having a bad flu, cough, sore throat & fever (all in 1) now..terrible feeling. It has been quite sometime i fall sick. THis is a serious one..huh..nose clogging and my throat so itchy.Seems like getting worse since yesterday but yet to see doctor. Completely no energy around 3plus..Took a cab back from Furama Riverfront Hotel. Tried my luck there but fail At least i had tried and i know how does it feel. Luck is not with me after all..
*P/S: Thanks Maria for accompanying me and take good care of me when i sick..Really Love her so much..She is an angel to me..So supportive~
**P/S:Thanks angeline for being so sweet helping me and giving non-stop motivation. Really another angel!
***P/S: Thanks to myself..hehe!Telling myself to try first. NEVER TRY NEVER KNOW
Anyway, getting ready to do changes in my life..i wan it! and i'm not going to drag anymore~ I have been hestitating for so long and this is the time i should have some action plans on hand..
  • Get myself equip with more knowledge (Lotz of reading needed..*Lazy worm is still running around me)Any idea to get rid of it?
  • Beautifying myself (Learn & DO NOT be LAZY) Practice makes Perfect. This comes to the picture
  • Thinking how to earn more money (No more thinking but ACTION plssss)**Stil working on it
  • Learn how to live up mylife and make it more beautiful & colourful (browse thru Singapore famous babe blog: Dawn Yang and makes me come to a realization..Life is in your hand) ~$$ is also the issue to make it happen~~ Really think a lot ho..
  • Try not to waste time with unnecessary concern issue & loads of nonsense thinking~~

Hmm..sound like easy to be done but action speaks louder than words.Trying to find ways now..If u read my previous blog, my house is in dilema..we are going to have a Malaysian guy as housemate. He is going to rent the common room alone..Gosh!He is damn rich to afford to spend so much in accomodation in Sg..Luckily..we have someone to bear the expenses with us. But i need a roommate now..:(

Hope i can get someone i knew..Dun really like stranger..

My cough is killing me now..gonna stop now..supposingly i should be celebrating my grandpa's birthday at Taman Molek famous restaurant now. Too bad i'm in SIngapore now.So, got my sis to give him a red packet as a token of b'day gift..Wish him best longevity & prosperous!Healthy always..

Time for me to stop now~Need to rest or else mon no need to work...


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