Simple B'day for My Best Fren

Yesterday was Seong Chuan aka Elwin Soo's birthday. I managed to call up few frens for a short celebration for him.Smsed him on Sunday nite to remind him about the "date". Then we have Miew Chin & her sis (Tammy), CHia Ming( such a nice guy who supposed to have exam the next day), Teck Chong & his gf (last min) & of course me..
Met Miew Chin & her sis and we bought b'day cake for SSC at CAKE HISTORY. Tiramisu 1/2kg costs $2o.00. Below is the cake pictures..The sponge cake is not so smooth..but overall is nice...

Make a wish~~

Secondary Sch Frens

We ended the celebration around 9pm. So, once i reached home, sending few sms and fall asleep dy. Hope he likes the simple celebration with him.

Woke up this morning feeling dizziness. Went to c doc at nearby clinic. Feeling a bit drowsy now..guess i need to rest now before i meet up appointment at 4pm..

Wish me Luck~and pink of health soon~



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