Suffocated Waiting~Anticipating~~

Had a busy weekdays..Tuesday took MC and see doctor followed by a short nap before i meet Michelle from Prudential. today i knocked off early and went to E-centre @ Redhill for business development position. But end up not suitable and i have to pay $30 for the two ways cab fare..kinda not worth it but no choice..IT's an investment after all.. I sure i can get one soon..BE OPTIMISTIC GAL~
Heard an interesting story yesterday. Here it goes...
One day Coca-cola from Ritz carlton meet up with Coca-cola from NTUC. Coca-cola from NTUC felt very weird. How come the price tag from Coca-cola Ritz carlton worth $5 and he only worth $0.80. So, he started to compare in terms of ingredients,manufacturing date & etc. EXACTLY SAME..he wonders..
So when he is back, he asked his fren, Milo. Y he only worth $0.80 so Milo gave Coca-cola his price tag $5. So, he sat there with his NTUC coca-cola frens.
Few mths later, only he is left in the shelf. All his frens from NTUC and Ritz Carlton has sold out except him.He keep ponders...
So, morale of the story??Anyone can guess??
The story caughts my attention and tells that your market value is different when you locate yourself in different area. It depends whether how you placed yourself..Sound easy but very hard for me to take out the BIG STEP..I need opportunities~~Anyone can give me??
Hope miracles do come true~~
*p/s: My Sony Ericsson HP finally breakdown..haiz..guess because i keep changing my sim card.. :(


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