Dun know y my mood so emotional lately..get worked up so easily and mind go wild lately.keeping finding faults and made ppl angry..seems like i'm trying to get attention from someone but end up failed..
even my fren can see from my facial expression that i'm quite fed up with my current life and everything seems like not going that smooth now..What's going on now?what's about it?What i want?Thousands..millions of Qs keep appearing in my mind.. a very BIG Q mark now for me..
Sometimes i really wonder..what is life all about?24 this year..what i achieved? perhaps i think too much..should i jz erase everything in my mind?jz sit down and do nothing?oh my..what should i do??
Anyway, one of my colleague, IT guy from Bangladesh is actually taking 7 days leave to go back to his own country and get marry. The most interesting part is that he hasn't choose his wife yet. Their culture is such strong that their parents choose their life partner for them. They have the belief tat parents will always give the bests to their children. And Ashadul (the guy name) actually agreed.
Come on..this is the modernize world and they actually have not ban this rule?Can their marriage life lasts?They only meet each other on the particular wedding day..I wonder..
Anyway, i did wish him good luck & congrats getting marry...
*p/s: Hope i will have a great weekend after tonite..


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