It's 3.50pm Wed noon-yup in the office supposingly should be working..but i'm writing my blog mood to work. jz learn how to set up the shout out box. so, please feel free to 'shout' me.haha~

Angelmama commented my blog is getting sadder..i'm tryin to get it more lively soon..juz learn how to blog so be patient with me..i'm learning how to make it lively :)

Had a dinner v sc.I was quite surprised that he asked me out for dinner. It was like out of sudden.haha~anyway, we had a consultation sharing sessions during the dinner. It was a fruitful session for me. I get to understand better about 'MAN' in terms of their mindset & thinking..MARS VS VENUS
Wat i can conclude is that:-
  1. 'I DUN KNOW' can be a very broad meaning & definiton. We cannot make a full stop for this statement. Misunderstanding will arise
  2. 'Giving' =giving others willingly without hoping for any return.
  3. Treasure the times together and the road is still very long..Many uncertainties ahead.Thus, we can't insists it at our own way as things may turn out unexpectedly
  4. Result takes time~It's an investment. There is always a risk in it. It depends how much stake you put it in and the stability you predict
  5. 20's is a golden period and a blur path..need to explore..explore and explore..rushing and leaving others will only end up loneliness
  6. Give time to others and yourself~Things will not be as bad as you think
  7. Drop out Negative mindsets & input more Positive..
  8. Live life happily..Aug will be my starting mth~


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