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Had a tiring weekend.Rushed back to JB after work in the noon. Luckily the jam is not as bad as last week. Reached home around 3pm. Had Old CHang Kee 'Curry Puff o' for my so called lunch. Waited for my sis, Laurel to finish doing housework then off we go to JUSCO to buy her formal shirt for convo.

Met up with my grandma,aunt and cousins there. My aunt bought durians for us. Yummy! My favourite. My grandma cooked veg curry for us as well. So, we bought them back home for our dinner with my dad.

The durians are super yummy delicious. Since we do not have screw driver to open the hard shell to get the delicious yellow durian, my dad decided to us his leg strength to compress and open it up. And tat's how we can get all the durians out from the shell.

Had an early rest on Sat nite since we need to start journey to KL at 4.00am the next day. I drove halfway til Pagoh and my eyes really can't stand anymore and my mum take over me..hehe~My dad took over at Seremban and the whole journey is smooth at the speed between 120-130km/per hr..Reached Kl around 7.45am and had a quick breakfast at Setapak before reaching TARC.

My sis need to rush for the registration before 8.30am. So, my youngest sis, Angel and I started to wait for her til 11.00am. The waiting time is damn tiring & sleepy. Finally her ceremony is over and photo taking session began. And I became her photographer on tat day..It reminds me 4 years ago when i graduated at TARC..the scene is exactly the same..just that the people here are all youngsters..

Here are some pictures i took for my sis..haha!

Her frens said we look alike..

v her ex-coursemates~

Laurel & Ken~

Group Photos

Artistic Shot by M3~hehe~

Too many photos so i choose few to uploads to show u..

Laurel's photo taking session over around 12plus when i start sweating under the hot sun and perspiring..dying for a cup of cold water..

Anyway, went to Sg Long to take a bath and short nap at my sis condo before we continue journey back KT.

My dad decided to stop by at Melaka to have Satay celup (lok lok) but ended up we lost our way to the place and stop to eat Satay instead..haha~

Reached home around 10plus and so exhausted but luckily my dad took over me and i had a short nap in the car..

p/s: Last friday was Amina's last day and she is going back to Ukranian. Took pics with her as memoirs..

Amina-san is the lady wearing white & grey stripes blouse~

So sweet of her to give me the last sms saying "I will miss u"..See you soon..


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