Back to work and saw a piles of papers on my working desk. Kinda pissed off with it..Worst part is that some of the stuffs can be settle in few mins time S drag until i back to office and settle..haiz...Anyway, not to spoilt my whole day mood, i continue my work..oh gosh..90emails for me to read..and my boss keep sending me M'sia vendors contact to call and check the posibilities to have suppliers in Penang. Thinkin to open one there..hope it really opens there..hehe~

Enough about my job and share smth nice here.One of my vendor (Kitchen Utensils), Sia Huat (big player in Sg) has sent their representative down to do a survey about their company v me and my col. The guy was only 21 yrs old but he looks so mature that i thought he is like 25??Anyway, he is actually the owner of the co son. Kinda cute..hehe~

So, after he blah blah about the whole survey stuffs, he gave us a pair of cathay movie tickets which ends June 2009.So surprise and happy to get it free since my co has not been giving me the free tickets for more than 2 mths i guess..Anyone interested to catch a movie v me?

I'm waiting for nice movie with the right person to watch~hehe~

Did i mentioned my boss gave me a birthday card which is actually printed out by Maria and get everyone in the office to sign?But this time round my birthday card only signed by 16th floors staffs.Dun know what happen to the dispatch..communication down i guess.. Anyway, inside the envelope there is a cheesecake voucher for me as my birthday present from the company '_'lll

Signatures from 16th floor colleagues~
Had an appointment at Philip Wain. It has been a week since i went up (membership ends :( ). Went for Oxy spa for 30 mins.It's like wrapping up your whole body and you jz lie down straight on the "spaceship" and stay in there for the temperature of 70celcius. Kinda cool man!first experience and i fall asleep after a few mins..It's like living tai tai life at that very moment. After the spa, i went for a nice warm bath & i feel totally refresh...miss those days when i woke up early to go to gym and get myself ready there before i go to work..Life was like so meaningful tat very time..

Enough of these..haha!I will plan my current life more challenging & livingly like the rainbow (full colours)..Will do it..hehe!

It's like sunshine after the rain~~


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