Group 29 Reunion

3 Pretty Gals~~

Arrived Sg around 11.40pm and took a cab back home for SGD6.Luckily the time i hailed for cab is not even 12am. Anyway, get to the topic..
Took bus to KL last Friday and 2nd link is jam. Can you believe it?so waited for 2hrs to clear the custom clearance and finally started the journey from JB around 9pm. By the time i reached KL was 1++am. SY, Ah Chuan & Jacob started their journey around 8plus from Penang. So the timing is jz nice as they came to pudu to fetch me and we went for supper. It was my first time having claypot 'lao shu fen'. Heard that it is quite famous at so called 'chinatown' aka Petaling Jaya Street aka 'chee chong gan'..
Anyway, mainpoint is that i did not took dinner and it was juz nice i had some of it together with fried dumplings. It was 2smth and there are still many cars & ppl on the street.That's KL life. It's totally different from Sg Life. It has been sumtime since i stay up to enjoy night life.. (guess after uni life)

Ah Hen called sy up. He is damn drunk and keep grumbling and keep talking non-stop.We went to Sg long Evergreen ah hen's place to look for him and at the same time to stay overnite there before we go to genting the following days. Guess what?He was actually fall asleep after drinking.So, we wake him up to get a place to sleep..haha!SY & I push him out of the bed and we conquer the whole queen size bed..Hoho!The guys lost out~

Sat: 2nd Aug~we went to genting around 3plus and met up with the rest gang there since we are late to meet them at setapak BRJ.

Let's see- We have 3 pretty gals (SY, BY & myself) & 9 guys (Ah Hen, Ah Chuan, Ah Luar, KY, Ah Yau, CWeng, Tong, Ah Yan & Jacob) joining the gathering. We missed out B coz he has to work :( Took the group photos but it's with SY. Need to get from her but hard man..too many pics..Guess will only get those i have in it...
We checked in First World Hotel and KY booked 3 rooms. So, of course the 3 gals are in the same room. Do you know that First World Hotel has the certification recognition from Ripley Believe It or Not the biggest room in the worls with 6118rooms..No wonder the room is so small. The bathroom is so narrow til we are need to undress outside before we can bath.So troublesum.. and Oops..i accidentally saw SY _ _ _ (Use your imaginative to figure out)

Gals went shopping after check-in and the guys al in one room sharing a small tv watching programmes..-_-lll We met them for dinner around 7 plus.We had bak kut teh in Genting which costs RM20 per pax. The soup is damn oily but it's a nice hot warm soup on tat time since Genting is a cold weather place...
After the dinner, we went to sing K. The guys started to get high and funny..Some even dancing, singing high & low & shiok sendiri..haha~ But not Ah Yau. He quickly started to drink..His favourite liquor!!Had few cups & some fingerfoods included..Booked 3 hrs and the guys sing non-stop. SY who usually get hold the mike does not have the chance to sing..She jz has to wait for her turn which is like 10 songs ahead.. SY did record a video of their singing part.. will upload soon once i convert it~

Reflection Mirror~

So, she taught me guess finger game. So kinda fun and exciting..At first i lost and need to drink but then later part once i get hold the tactic, it seems easy & fun..Had few games with SY, KY & C.Weng as i do not really sing so this is only the entertainment i can find.BY jz sit down quietly observing everyone.. (Crazy pics can be seen in FB or friendster)
After the K, they went to casino for gamble. It's gamble time!!Anyway, BY & I did not join the fun. We went back to the hotel and on our way bought 2 cup noodles to enjoy in the room. Who knows after few hrs, everyone is back.. KY lost RM1k to Uncle Lim, Ah CHuan RM500 and the rest seems lost as well but KY has the biggest share..Only Jacon won RM100..

Sun the following day we woke up around 9plus and had dinner at first world but the breakfast feast sucks. The food are terrible unacceptable except for the omelete & the mango juice. The rest is not OK..

Anyway, took some pics when we are at Taman Cendawan and had lunch there..But the pics are with SY. She actually send to my camera memory card but cannot read le..Waiting for her to send to me pictures..

Nothing much for this time gathering but it's nice to have everyone together..get crazy & funny..But not as happy if you are not there because joyness need to share together with u..hehe~Group 29 which does not inclusive BY, Tong & Jacob (so called outsider) has become our members that day~

But too bad BY vomit when we are coming down from genting and she is not feeling tat well. Jz sms me telling me that she is in clinic seeing doctor. oh gosh..she said never ever wanna go genting already.. Stil remember she telling us her experience when she went genting the other time fainted in casino due to lack of oxygen and SY does not believe when she told her that she needs to find place to sit.
BY: SY, i need place to sit down
SY: Why?
BY: I'm feeling dizzy
SY: Many stars on top of your head ar?
After this sentence, BY fainted..Scare SY out of wits..haha~ Tat was like 2 years back the incident took place..

Oops..i left out a part-went for fish spa-10 mins RM18 with SY. Finally get the experience to try it.. So itchy and creepy..haha!Creepy?can the fish do spa for us?I dun see any effect after the fish spa..Guess jz to gain experience only...

My Leg v the tiny Fish*

Outside StarBuckS~Back to 80's

Random Pics~~

** More pictures can be found in Facebook or frienster~~hehe@


LaUReL said...

Wow,you all are looking so enjoying!! Nice to have this gathering huh...haha!! Look so crazy...^^

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