Love is so Fragile

Came across my fren’s blog and she had posted her feelings towards her bf which is supposed to be ex-bf after 7th August 2008. I also came across my cousin’s incident that she broke off with her 6years bf few weeks ago. Seems like ppl around me is getting break up nowadays. What’s going on? Both are such sweet couples and they do really love each other. What I can say is that ‘Love is so FRAGILE’. My Fren started off the relationship with the guy (currently studying medical a.k.a future doc in UK) maybe before this year Chinese new year. They started off as LDR. They have been managing it quite well I guess. Compromising with each other and they actually meet up physically 15 days throughout the relationship. Does guy really can’t change their mind once the decision is set? Seems like very cruel to gals..

Love can …
1. Be sweet during early stages (honeymoon stage)
2. Be tasteless when the time goes by if both are still in the same pace
3. Be spicy hot when argument drops by non-stop
4. Be bitter & Sour when either one decided to end the relationship
5. Bring happiness when both are truly in love with one another
6. Be compromising with both parties to make things work
7. make one person lost their senses & rational
8. turn each other become foes/ enemies if it’s not handle well
9. Be love in first sight
10. makes it so wonderful in the beginning but be horror when the ending is not expected
11. Be willing to give up something forsake of your so called ‘Mr RiGhT’
12. Grow stronger & stronger each day
13. …….

Seems so emo now. Anyway, jz wan to express how I feel whenever I see ppl whom I know are so loving and in a second they are falling apart. Sound so fragile~

However, I wish them all the best & cheer up. Fate can lead us to the right path. Perhaps the time’s not right.

Gosh..tommorrow is Singapore National Day and I’m going to join the crowd jam in Singapore custom!!God Bless Me** Hope the jam is not that severe..or else I will be suffocated & upset by the time I get back to my JB home.

Anyway, tomorrow is also my sis, Laurel’s Birthday~and she is coming back as well..We will have a complete family members by tomorrow..

Olympic starts today 08.08.08-nice figures and a new start. Programmes of the Olympic games will be everywhere in TV..Watch out~~


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