Had a fruitful weekend..went back to JB after work on Fri & it’s freaking jam with ppl & cars..However, I managed to get thru to JB custom after a long walk from Sg custom to Jb custom which took me around 20mins.My leg feel the pain once I stop walking..

Anyhow, it’s nice to get back home. Everyone is home..So, we went for dinner after we fetched Laurel (back from KL) & Rachel (from her fren’s house). It was like 10 plus by the time we sat down and had dinner @ coffeeshop.

080808- Olympic opening ceremony and there goes 16 days continous sports programme on TV show. The opening ceremony is so spectaculating & you can image how reach the Chinese culture & arts..The fireworks is so beautiful..

090808- Singapore National Day a.k.a Laurel’s Birthday. Had breakfast sausages and my dad started delegating housework to each single one. Can’t escape after all..So, some are cleaning the windows and some are vaccuming & mopping the floor. After the chores, we went for porridge lunch before heading to Holiday Plaza for hair cut.

So, ended up 3 of us except youngest (went schooling) stuck in the hair salon for the whole day til 7plus. Poor mum & dad..waited for us there for more than 4 hrs. Major projects going on..haha! new hairstyle with colouring & highlighting..I mean my sis..As for myself, I jz highlight my hair & scalp treatment and of course hair cut suggested by the hairstylist.. 3 of us spent RM670 for the cut.. As for my hairstyle…upload later part..

Went back to granny’s house to celebrate Laurel’s birthday, Photos v her.. guess she will upload at her blog then.

Sun nothing much. Sent Laurel to bus station as she is going back to KL again. I back to Singapore in the noon and guess this is all about life. Everyone eventually need to resume to their present life & continue racing in the Rat year..nearly forget this is belong to me a.k.a rat. (anyone born in year 1984). So fast 24years old soon in few days time and I still racing without aim but hope to find one soon by this year! Jia you…

So emo when I back to sg..alone again & sending those emo sms again..anyway, hope this period will go away faster..awaits for the surprises soon..hope does not fail me again… :)


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