Moments v Sec Frens

Had a successful gathering yesterday. Almost everyone turned up earlier which is unexpected. haha!This is because based on previous incidents, the guys will turn out late but this time everyone is punctual on time. The reservation was at 6.30pm but we went in at 6pm instead and we started our buffet. So we have 16ppl in the end (i felt proud as well because after doing all the coordination job, the result is here in front of my eyes).haha! Self-praised myself.. Started taking photos after the dinner. Didn't eat much because kinda sick of the food there dy. Keep looking at it almost everyday.. ^_^!!!

We have 16ppl and the bill per person is $46.95 per pax for the japanese buffet. Luckily i got the staff $10 voucher but does not really help much also because it is still expensive and i didn't eat much.haha!Anyway,pay for the ambience & the place...

Chee Hui & her sis (Wing)

Ju & M3-Kuishin-Bo Jurong Point

The Guys- Chong Meng (back frm UK, SSC,Eddie(purposely come from KL for the gathering), Hee,JF,Chia Ming

Look @ everyone's expression~

Seems like enjoying the fun~~

I like this pic coz~Cosy..hehe~~

The group**

Sudden surprise of early celebration 4 me~~

v 3ddi3 & Ju. Great buddi3s**

Before everyone depart to my House 4 2nd Round
** MORE Pictures can see from Facebook-blog very troublesum upload so many photos...hehe!!
Oh ya..Ju gave me birthday present. So sweet-got my 1st ever b'day present now. Touched by the sincerity & the thoughts not only Ju but Eddie & SSC as well. THey are my best buddies..

Sweet Gift From Ju**
Too bad Michelle did not join us for the second round. So, we took MRT back to my sg house & started to play game called 'Muffian'. But i keep calling it Muffin. Dun u think it is alike?haha!Perhaps after a few drops of wine v beer, i kinda blur dy.
The worst part of the game is that the drinks are mix with miso+chili+peanut butter+ wine+beer.Sound disgusting rite?The creation from 3ddi3. This is the punishment drink.Yuckss...
We went to Mamak Stall nearby and everyone seems like very steam dy.coz it's like late 3am and we are still mingle around here and there aimless.haha!SSC lead us to the mamak stall. I was quite surprise there is one 24hrs in Sg.haha!First time & i tried their maggi goreng. I still miss M'sia maggi goreng. Much more nicer & not salty as the one here..Share it with CM.
We ended the gathering around 4 plus and individually took cab back from Toa Payoh. AS for SHeau Ying, she stayed until the first bus 5.15am and straightaway back to KT. We had a short chat while waiting for the time to pass.
Quite memorable gathering and everyone seems looks the same and the conversation is still back to secondary school style...Shall have the next gathering year 2009 but hope the organizer will not be me again... hope so... :)
p/S: my house TV finally working-signed up STARHUB again & i hv to pay additional $$.All is $$...Buck up!! Alternative ways...Any ideas???


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