Sharing Sessions

V sudden appear 'Guest' Tsuzuki-san in front of CZ'ZAR (my co.'s chinese restaurant)-Spent total of $116.76 for the whole dinner yesterday. Shared by them (Winnie,Peggy,Winson & Richard)..feel bad actually..i'm a sudden member last minute.hehe!!

Kinda blur pic but it's group photo after the dinner b4 the dessert...

The dishes on the HOUSE~~~

It's Pam who shared the same birthday as me but diff year**

It's me with the dishes. I love the Kangkong dish (",)

Richard & Winson from A&P department VS M3,Pam,Winnie & Peggy from A&P as well

Going to Causeway POint mall to one of my company restaurant (Ichiban Sushi) for walkabout a.k.a foodtasting with my boss, AT. Oh gosh...going around 4plus and i need to get to VivoCity after that.The journey will takes me 1hr plus to reach there..Shall update soon for tonite events..hehe***


laurel said...

Wow, what a memorable gathering!!! Envy le...U have such a nice gang!! And Nice pics too!! U look great in very pic...^^ Take care ya!!

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