Tolerance is a key to prevent any further conflicts between two parties. I need to learn to tolerate. Seems like my temper getting bad lately in the office. Many things happened last week. The office issues have been killing me lately. Workloads have been tremendously changing. Or perhaps I had lost my interest here.Oops…

I went to visit my grandma during weekend. We took turns to stay in the hospital accompany my grandma. However, she is getting better now. Still in the ward but juz changed to normal wad now. My aunt’s so nice that she accompany my grandma every nite. It has been tough for her.

Merdeka Malaysia on 31st Aug but to me nothing special as we are busy attending my grandma.Had a small gathering with my Sg uncle and his wife. I had a great understanding from them. The perspectives of things are totally different. Lolz. ‘Human Rights! I deserve this much & if u are comfortable with it, we shall deal this. If not, I’m sorry’. That’s what my uncle’s wife said and I agreed but my courage is not there.

Guess I really need to brush it up otherwise I will be forever underestimated and nothing in the eye of people. Hope good news will come soon. Hope this will change my life although everything has to start over again. But I need to bear in mind.
No venture, no gain! Try not to think so much but need to think rational.

Now I understand why decision making is so hard and reality is so harsh**
Received the news but it's not what i expected but i'm trying hard to get what i hope to have. Pls God!Guide me and find a path for me~ So loss & demotivated~
My dad encouraged me and asked to me take a gamble..should i take it? I wonder??Shall c the reply soon..Awaits & awaits~
Long Term Vs Short Term?
Susah susah dahulu, senang senang kemudian?
Rite vs Wrong?
It's all running in my mind now...Guide me pls...


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