Cher's B'day Buzz

Had the b'day celebration at Waraku Square. Supposedly should be at Secret Recipe but our dear b'day gal felt tat the varieties are not much. So, she suggested to go to Waraku.She loves it man.haha!So the guest tonight:-
YH,Cher, Samantha, Rachel, Angelmama, Maria & m3. Hueyling went back hometown after work. Couldn't join. Richard's wife is here and he needs to be a good husband. Back home accompany his wife.hehe!
7 ppls and one new members-Rachel. We had great funs. Funny talk, laughters and jokes surrounding us throughout the dinner. We gave the b'day gal a card and b'day present. ESPIRIT Voucher as a token from us...
Share some of the snappies we took during the dinner:-

B'day Gal with the B'day Cake~

Sum of the foods we took @ waraku. The Tuna Salad is nice. I love Salad~~

Cher With Rachel~Dun know act what pattern..lolz

So here is the edited one I did-Nice?

Sam-M3-Yeehui acting sleepyhead..Sam so cool..

Edited Version when i took snaps of everyone.YH keep asking me"Y u so interested to take everyone expression?". Ans: This is my ans. I wanna do editing..hehe!!

I like this one as well(i mean the editing part).hehe!


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