Yipee..going to Batam in 9days time with my sis and CW.(the drawing i drew yesterday to express i'm going to village-out of town to BATAM).hehe!

Counting the days..hoping the days will come soon. Kinda stress out lately. The thoughts are wandering wilds and out of my control.
Anyway, my problem finally solved and i had made my decision.
Met my ex-roommate few days ago on the way back home after a short dinner with SSC. Luv to talk to her as she can motivates me and gives me positive mindset. Told her my decision and she supports me. Guess what..she is so lucky because she got a offer to go to Dubai for interview for job. The party has sponsored her Emirates ticket to fly all the way to DUBAI for interview this weekend. Gosh..this is so exciting!Can't wait to hear from her news when she is back this weekend.

Enough of her story..hehe!Here I'm still standing at the same spot and hope what is expected to happen on Oct ought to be reality soon. I can't wait the month to have it!Pls..no crops out-no delay-no pretending.Guess i think too much. My frens has been reprimanding me non-stop but my bad habit has not been kicked off yet. Hard man!It takes time so pls be patience with me..hehe!

Today's Cher's B'day and we are going to celebrate for her after work. Shall upload the snappies after we cam-whoring tonite.Purposely bring my camera along to do snapping.lolz..

Need to plan for my leave clearance by tomorrow and my boss needs the date. Gosh..although not many days. its jz 4 days but i still can't make up my mind which day to take leave..Shall flip through the calendars and do some planning..


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