Weekend Buzz

Met up with SY last fri after work. She has the flight from Sin-Mel. So, joined her for dinner. We have mix fusion dinner at Clark Quay. Snappies below:-


Red Wine + White Wine (taste nice with the main course)

BBQ Pork Rib v Fries (big portion) After the dinner ' Look'..hehe

Thumbs up

After the dinner, met up with SY's bro and he took us to Geylang. Many pretty China chicks on the streets aiming for customers. So, u get what i mean?Hehe!

Went back to hotel and start getting ready to go MOS. It's my 1st time. Took pics before we go. Her SIA frens are joining us. They are pretty chicks. Will show u if i have the chance to get hold the pics from SY.hehe!

Notice my eyes is bigger than usual?hehe!gotcha..fake eyelid effect

Went to Batam the next day...

On our way to the ferry....
My Sis

The hotel we stayed overnight

Ayam Penyet & Ikan Penyet- Taste super nice. The skin is so crispy and goes well with the rice.Makes us very hungry.. (tastier than the one i tried in Sg foodcourt)

Edited Photo of my 2 sis

Breakfast time in the hotel cafe...

Beef Striploin with fried Rice Ordered by CW Dory Fish with Mixed Salad ordered by m3

Had dinner at Indulgz @ Cathay Mall after the movie called Vicky Barceleno Maria if not mistaken. The movie is not interesting at all. Wanted to watched Mama Mia but the timing is not ideal for us as we got bus to catch up soon.
Ended the day when parted back home.Reality is back again!Miss the days~



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