24th Sept-

Took 8.30am Transtar premium bus to KL. Had breakfast in the bus. Reached KL around 2plus. So as usual go Pavilion outlet and meet suppliers and walkabout.

Officially knock off around 8pm and we walked around Bukit Bintang to find the hotel that they arranged for us. It costs only RM80 per nite. Sure smth wrong and absolutely rite. Although located along BB Plaza but the hotel is shoplots and worst part it looks so spooky and scary. So, end up my boss and I went to several hotels near bukit bintang and survey to find a place to stay over nite. End up i stayed in an inn near jalan A-lor.

25th Sept

Had discussion with the KL colleague. SO sad she is leaving the co soon. So, we do some auditng before i took 11am bus back to sg. This time the coach is super comfortable. We took First Class Coach Transtar back. I watched 2 movies on the journey back. First movie- High School Musical 2 and the 2nd- Chinese Movie but i not sure the name.hehe!Had my so-called lunch in the bus as well..
Anyway, jz to share and reached sg home with my dinner packed in one of my co.outlet at 5.30pm. Tapao Sashimi salad and agedashi tofu..haha!Used up the $10 voucher of the month with a top up of $2.63.
Shares some pics here..

My 'Lunch' when i back from KL in the coach

Bukit Bintang View early morning~

My dinner-Delicious Sashimi Salad with Agedashi Tofu below ==>


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