When Mon Comes...

*Feeling blue~doesn't feel like waking up as i keep snoozing my alarm again and again..

*Sudden issues keep popping out the whole day~
*Prob solve one after another~Headache!
* Being emo and paranoid to sumone~(sorry to the one who u know u r)

*Sleepy & no energetic

Anyway, jz to burst it out here.Mon times seems to be slower than fri. Haha!Guess due to my psychic thinking again..5.30pm sharp is my target to set myself free from the work. But to the despair, when i was about to leave, prob pops out again.Haiz..so ended up left within 15mins time i guess..

Wanna knock off on time but dun feel like going back home early.Weird huh? Actually wanna de-stress myself. So, ended up went window shopping and had dinner with JF and his fren who is so happen to be Heng Lee's BFF.haha!The world is full of coincidence man!Ended up went to have Yoshinoya for dinner..

Bought a bag after the dinner despite of JF showing me the conversion rate for the bag price.Ahha..i told myself that i shld pamper myself since it has been ages i bought something for myself due to being careful with my financial management..Guess no harm buying a bag for myself,rite?hehe!Actually excuses for myself only...

Tadah...Presenting the bag i bought...Nice?

Simple Pink T-shirt for U!


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