Daily Lif3

This is what i have been doing lately..Keying in all the suppliers and food ingredients data into this system.and error keep propping out..Aargh..i can't even key in the data and complete within 3 days as per schedule.
So many jobs on hand and people keep pressing for ans for this and tat issues..So pressurize and stress..Can't imagine if the system starts to implement. Jz the initial step- keying in the data already so many problems.* Eyes rolling*
So i been a bad gal throwing temper to...Haiz..stress in work and after work moody.Tat's my life recently.. (exclude the time i spent few hours celebrating the b'day and the farewell) where i can juz forget everything for temporarily. But silent night makes my mind go whirl thinking this and that making ppl angry..Sometimes i really can't control.Sorry..
Anyway, hope this period can go away soon. My sis decided to go Indonesia during christmas and i'm not going. :( wanna save money to ...


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