Finally get to watch Mama Mia although need to sit at the 2nd row of the seat. It was fully occupied by people. Even the 1st row is occupied. So, you can see how famous is the movie. I love the songs in it.I love Donna's character and it's so fairytales like story.
Anyway, it is worth to watch with complimentary ticket. hehe! I love the song 'I have a dream'. Gonna find the lyrics and song to download..
Show you some pics that i edited using Photofunia which so coincidentally found in the net..lolz..


Opps i'm in the art gallery...

Paris Hilton is promoting my CD??

Oh..i'm in the magazine cover..lolz

Showing our buddies movie..hehe


Anonymous said...

It looks really cool and I like photofunia. is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.

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