15.11.2008 (Sat)- Went to Jusco with my sis and mum. Bought cute photo album costs me RM35.90. But i like it alot.
Pics will show soon..(haven't upload from the camera)

16.11.2008(Sun)-Whole family went to Mount Austin for lunch except Laurel. My aunt got the recommendation from her supplier saying that there is a famous restaurant named Matang Seafood selling claypot porridge with 88kinds of seafoods ingredients.Seems tempting,rite?

So, we decided to try. We ordered this super huge claypot for 10ppl to eat.We have sliced fish, sharkfin,fishballs,prawns, can't think of the ingredients anymore..haha!But it's served hot and nice. Everyone was sweating away while having this pot of porridge but it;s super nice.

Guess how much?

So, do you think it's worth it?


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