Dear Byi and YP. Sorry for the delay. I been busy v my work and the new system. I jz knocked off. So tired but dun feel like sleeping. So here i'm blogging the one that both of u awaits..

This is the photo album pics i bought for myself.Cute le..haha!The four diff designs are four different photo album in a case.haha!Jz nice for 4R photos.Gonna fill it with lots of nice photos... This is the wedding photo album which i get one for Ju for her b'day present. Late b'day present for her Oct B'day. Anyway, need to ask SSC to pass it to her but seems like the chances quite low coz kinda heavy as he need to travel to Ipoh as well..haha!So maybe will post to her..Thinking..




Lastly presenting the mysterious gift for Byi and YP. Same box but content different..So, can only see but cannot touch..dun know when can pass to them...coz i dun know how to post out..


Moods Sucks today. Although i put on happy face but i really feel fed up with my current life. Seems like i have been doing nothing recently except work blindly and the time flies. It's going to end of year 2008. Oh Gosh...did i achieved my 2008aim yet?mm...dun think so :(

  • Wanted to have a change of environment = FAIL
  • Wanted to make over = FAIL
  • Wanted to travel = 50% (coz go Batam also consider overseas gua)
  • Save $$ = FAIL (spend on gym, pay insurance, expenses)

Anyway, still got a list but can only think of these fews..haha!use my brain too much. I think i need a break.Pressure from everywhere. Seems like i have been putting 'aeroplane' to my frens.

Hope they are not angry v me. Circumstances not allowed me to do so. CHanges all the time especially last minute. My KL trip to meet walnut and chestnut failed as i need to celebrate my grandma's b'day on 7th dec..Arrgh..time management..need to overcome it!!Fight with it..But m y lazy worm getting over me..i need to have a big fight v it..haha!

Anyway, wishing Xmas coming soon so i can have the short break and meet the important ones..hehe!


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