A Moment with My Kakiis

Came across on the website of the Kakiis and caught my attention. I decided to take up the contest to try my luck.hehe!Since i do not have any video collection, photo contest will be an ideal one for me to fulfill the requirements for the contest. Since there is no statement of saying no editing photos. I did edit all the photos for better effect.. :)

So, Let's share with you the moments with my Kakiis..

I digged back my photos which is on the last year of Uni life. We had a crazy night before we depart from the place we studied (last year of Uni).We went to Putrajaya for a ride and cam-whoring sessions..





Presenting the photos of year 2006 (with edited effects)

The group that nite. We had lots of fun on that night. We took many pics but i only selected few which are the group ones..It was 3am in the morning at that very moment. Miss the Uni life so much..

Up next is our convocation on Aug 2006 which is 3 months later after we met again after the Putrajaya trip. We went separate ways to seek for our so called career path.lolz. But we do keep in touch..You can see the funs we had from the pics. Pics tells the story... (i had edited the photos to symbolize the olden days)hehe!

Yeah!Finally Graduate!!

Miss that very moments as well because everyone from different state back together to attend the graduation ceremony. We met again for the photo-taking session..
We had a gathering few months back this year to Genting Highlands. Below are some of the shots. You can see some of them looks different now..Anyway, we do enjoy the moments together..

That's the portion i'm presenting but i really feel blessed with this bunch of kakiis. hehe!We shared the enjoyable moments together, studied together, graduated together and much more..It's a valuable memories of all..
Hope i can be choosen to win the Sony Skinny T.Just try my luck..


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