B'day Celebration of the mth

Jz back from Marina Square K Box. Had a celebration for Justin-the B'day Boy. Too bad this time i do not have pics to share today.The photos are took by professional camera so awaits for the pics frm fren.

Anyway, we have like 10ppls there and we had buffet throughout the session til 10pm. Too bad i can't eat much. The reason behind bcoz of my teeth!I can't really chew the foods now due to the new fix retainer. Had it put on today after the recommendation from my colleague.Kinda pain and not used to it. Uncomfortable also...but i will try to get used to it...Finally understand the Price to Pay to get the result.. :(

Managed to meet up with FH and had a chat with her throughout the session..She is so blessed with her bf.(can feel so from my 6th sense)haha!

Us - Photo shoot during the walk back to the mrt...

Guys photo session

Jz a brief update and i need to go to bed.I'm going back home to meet my sis and we are going to have Mummy and Daughters outting..


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