Reached Sg early morning today.Waited for V to contact me. So, we hanged out for late lunch today and we went to Plaza Singapura to get some groceries for her dinner. It has been months we met up. Still so chubby fair and cute..haha!We took pics together!!We expect the passerby to took the whole madagascar poster in the photo but end up the look is like below..Guess the poster is super large so it is very hard to get the whole pics where everyone is walking by..

At least we had clear ones here...nice?

Self-taken but i think i dun look good with the new hair style.the front hair looks yucksss

Up next..i met up v HL for movie-Madagascar Movie 2 at Shaw Centre. We took few photos along Orchard Road. THis year decoration is not as attractive compared last year. I guess they need to tighten the cost of decoration due to the economy is bad now..

The movie is so so only but i wonder y ppl keep telling me is nice and funny. I felt the storyline is too long and seems like dragging.However the characters in the movie especially Alex is funny and the animation is fantastic. I like the way they danced. So funny especially when they moved their butt together and sing..haha!Seems like i very lust huh..but the animation really great.
P/s: JU had finally received the gift frm SSC. Thanks god she likes it a lot.Makes me happy as well.
So, BY and YP bear with the present.haha!It's coming soon when i go KL ho... hehe!


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