Dinner @ Indulgz

Had a mini gathering with my dept colleagues. We promised our junior, Derrick to treat him a dinner. So, i decided to visit ASTONS which is recommended by Pam @ Cathay for our nice dinner. But when we reached there, oh my god..many people already queuing to be seated. I wonder what so special of the restaurant (which serves western food).
So, we decided to change our location to Basement which is still in the same complex called Indulgz. You can see the big contrast between ASTONS and Indulgz. One is crowded with people and the other one is so spacious and the service staffs are trying to promote their dishes when we walk closer.. *Faint*. Anyway, i did tried before and their menu is not bad so we had mutual agreement to dine in...

Shot of the Cathay front entrance
My colleagues and m3
Dishes Pictures:-

m3 with my ribeye steak. Can you c my retainer?Kinda obvious. Looks like those amah with the gold teeth or not?haha!
I took a while to chew the meat coz with the retainer on, i hardly can chew anything..Pain *sob*

After the dinner, we walked around the complex and took only one pic of the xmas decoration coz jz a simple one there..

Then, i caught an eye on a handbag. Spend almost 30mins in the shop thinking whether to buy it or not. The promoter is super man. She takes the initiave to jz tell me which part of the bags have 50%, 10% etc. Unlike those common promoter, you'll hear them asking 'looking for somthing?'. Of course we are looking for something la..still ask the obvious Q.
She has a wonder glib of tongue and i guess her boss sure glad to have her to tend the shop selling the products.
So, in the end, i choose this one. It's the local designer who designed the handbag which i also dun know who..haha!

Bought it at SGD62 after disc..hehe!Dun know y i jz bought it and i'm using it today to work..

Cathay Building at nite. Nice lightings rite?
Friday nite program...
P/S: I'm learning tutorials from the net how to edit using photoshop. Trying to figure out..hehe!
If successful, will try to upload here to share my piece of creation.


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