Right time + Right Angle

Got these images from colleague so thought of sharing here with everyone. .

I like this pic the most.Dun know y..

Right Time + Right Angle= Best Shots. Dun u think so?

But in life how many right time + right people= Best Lovers/Frens?

How do we identify it?Guess it's hard but hard doesn't mean there is no other way to it. There is always solution for everything.It's the matter of TIME. All we need is TIME.

But how many TIME we have?Seems like i'm popping out with a lot of Qs of never ending...

Jz a lil thought which comes across my mind. Been a nasty gal to sumone lately. Bad gal huh?Seems like the emo is coming back again..But i really dun mean it that way. Jz that sumtimes i can't help with my temper..

Oh ya..saw by fb pics. Nice trip to Cameron Highland. Seems like people around me are going to Cameron. my colleague, my frens- all are going. But can see from the pics that it is nice place for photo-taking session. Wondering when can i go..haha!Anyone wanna organize?I wanna join!!

P/S: Finally my OT period over for the time being and i get to reach home early and watch TV surfing the nets and browsing the FB. Currently addicted to Pet Society (one of the application in FB)

Cute? This is my pet-Leo
Played it almost every nite before i sleep although a bit wu liao playing like a small kid but at least it is still a game to play..hehe

Today is CM's B'day. Happy 24th B'day Boy!!Jz send sms to send him my warmest b'day wish.


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