Been a busy & fruitful weekend for me. Went back to JB on thursday night to join the dinner and off to KL on Friday morning. This time round i got to experience myself the new JB custom which is officially launcged to use on 16th DEC. The building structure is nice and new of course but the journey sucks. The route between SG custom to JB custom is far than the previous one and i think need to take more than 30mins for walking distance. There is no walking lane for people to walk along the routes to JB custom. So dangerous with all the turnings and so up the hill. But the new custom is very clean now and i think the foreigners will stop comparing the difference between sg custom and jb custom gua..lolz.

This time round we need to scan our passports before we can pass thru the jb custom.y m i saying so?This is because previously i do no need to scan at all. Just show them my passport when i walked pass the officers.

Enough of the jb custom experience. Show u some food pics i took on last thursday nite. Had dinner @ a famous seafood restaurant called NEW LUCKY Restaurant. I personally think the food is so-so and their services are not good. My uncle's birthday on that day so my family and my aunt's family suggested to go for dinner here. So we ordered the dishes below:-

1st pic on ur left- B'day Shou Mian A.K.A Pic on ur right-Cuttlefish cooked with dried beancurd skin which the taste is kinda special. Overall taste good

Next we have the 'hai sen cooked with the mushroom and special sauce' A.K.A the delicious yam chicken. This dish is special also. The meat is so tender and goes well with the yam paste. Yummy...

Then we have brocolli steamed & cabbage cooked with shrimp. The huge picture is the jumbo prawn which costs RM100. We felt that it is kinda expensive and not worth that much..

Below is the close up pic for the prawn dish:-

The restaurant signage **

Next below is the hand craft doned by my cousin who is only 3 years old plus for her daddy as b'day present. Her teacher taught her to do it..Creative,rite?

As for the KL trip story..will be back soon after i do some editing first. Kinda tired. Reached sg home around 6pm and need to prepare myself to work tomorrow.


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