Waraku 50% off Promotion a.k.a Sec Gals' Gathering

Waraku casual dining @ Clark Quay The Central is my destination on 1st Dec for gathering with my secondary school frens. The ladies promotion is still on-going until 31st Dec so i suggested to come here again..lolz. My fav cuisine whole year long-Japanese Foods.hehe!
Presenting the foods we ordered:-

I forgotten the name of the ramen. Should try this. I luv it!It is serve hot in the claypot and u can feel the hotness coming out from the pic,rite? :P
We also ordered Okinomi Pizza, Seafood Set (together with rice & tempura & 3slices of Salmon sashimi) & a strawberry ice-cream cake (as Sheau Ying b'day cake)

The B'day day gal-Her b'day is on 2nd but we celebrated early for her. Same timing ma so sang her a b'day song..



Group Photos~

Waraku is doing great with this promotion. The restaurant is flooded with ladies.lolz.Enjoying the benefits and foods as well. So, we had the total bill $133++ but after 50% off only $66.60 and we divided to 6ppl. Damn worth it,rite?hehe
So, everyone left the restaurant with satisfaction. We left around 8.30pm and you know wat the queue is still so long outside. Luckily Cecilia and i went to queue first before the rest reaches otherwise goodness know when can we have our dinner.
So, after the dinner, we went to the Xmas tree in Central to take pic. Previous post was taken during day time so you can't see any nice lightings.So, tadah presenting you the pic taken during night time. Taken by SONY camera belongs to FH with my editing skills to make it brighter..

Closer taken by m3

Lastly our group photo before we depart from the clark quay to go home..
P/S: Online bought the vivitar camera but still waiting. Hope i won't get con by the online ppl. 1st time doing online transaction. Aargh..worry and kinda regret dy..
P/S: Feel a bit lost when meet up v frens. Everyone seems like doing so well and what i hv achieved throughout the year?mm..need to think deeply and rewind back to my past years when i start working..


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