Xmas Everywhere

Ju said my blog 'dead'.Lolx. I was busy the whole week with my personal stuffs and also my work. Anyway, share some pics taken lately. It was taken at Suntec City and Great World City shopping complex where i went there for work purposes.
Pic Taken @ Suntec City:-

There are many Xmas Trees hanging up at the centre of the shopping complex

Pic taken @ Great World City:-

Giant 'Jingle Bell' hanging at the centre of the shopping complex as well

As for below items, there are all handmade crafts from one our the outlet @ great world city. Inclusive of my editing skills.hehe

Nothing much to share for this week. Busy with work and appointments.Will be goin to KL next week. Guess will spend my weekend there as well.Oh gosh..many preparation need to be done. Need to arrange the meetings with the suppliers,etc and frens.
Hope after this week, i have more things to blog dy.. *Wink*
Oh ya..Guess who i saw few days ago @ Liang Court?Chen Han Wei!So handsum!haha..Too bad can't take pic v him to share. He was tall and dark.Macho guy..But JF said his hair very ugly. "___"lll He mz be jealous of him..haha!
More to come...To be continue...


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