10 yrs ++ Anniversary Gathering

On the 1st day of CNY afternoon, received sms frm zihui inviting me to TW's house. So, i joined her and went visiting to TW's house. Met up with FH there. She was the earliest one there and waiting for their gang to arrive.I'm excluded actually.hehe!So a bit pai seh actually..
Anyway, SP (Celeste) arrived few mins later and we chat a while and took pics. Then FH had to leave coz the bf came over to pick her. Then, YC suddenly appeared. Didn't meet her for years dy and she is still so skinny.She is going to Aus next mth to further her MBA course. Kinda envy got to go oversea study Masters. (:
Soon it was time for dinner and i need to rush back to grandpa's house for dinner so we had this self-timer camera shot by ourselves..fantastic,rite?lolz. Hope YC take good care of herself there and all the best!

Long awaits 10 yrs anniversary gathering @ Ju's house on the second day of CNY. Let me share with u the catering foods that her mum had ordered. It costs RM500 for the catering services. Kinda expensive. Bet they got high profit during CNY. All prices suddenly shoot up..Ridiculous..
The ayam goreng is nice though..presentation so-so only...

Rendang Chicken not bad as well..Not very nice but ok..Sound so pro rite?kidding :p

They called it aja (dun know the spelling correct or not).Assorted veg and pineapple with dressing.I dun really like it but the rest had it..

Then, we have the prawn..Reddish in colour and looks tempting?pity i can't eat. my sensitive skin is killing me..control & control..

Next is the veg curry...

Nasi Beryani-Those typical malay rice.Miss the taste for so long and finally had it during the gathering.

Dessert-After the main course, we can opt for Bu bu Cha cha.

The Old frens who attended on that day:
From the Left: WC-CH-SSC-CM
Actually dun see any changes on them compared to previous pic.Except for the age figure..hehe

From the Left: CH-M3-WC-CM

WC & Ju A.K.A WC & M3- I tried to open my eyes big. Sunlight makes my tiny pair of eyes even smaller.lolz..

Ju & M3

Everyone busy taking foods and some even pro enough to look at the camera when WC is taking photo.haha!Camwhore gals..

Sumone v the snoorgle look holding the RM50 notes.lolz

After the lunch, everyone starts to gamble dy..

While the rest are gambling, i took the opportunity to take pics v Seow Boon & Sheau Ying. Both are my sec frens since Form 1. Old frens...

Then, took pic with CH (choo heng)

Then, SY & M3 again...

SB & m3. She slimmed down a lot & looks fabulous.Need to learn from her determination..

Then,new member added in the gambling activity. Eddie is here and he is so excited to gamble with the bowl of foods on his hand. Addicted gambler,right?He became the 'banker' and win RM71. THe rest lost including me RM10.But everyone had a great time..

After they ended the gamble activity, our Mr Eddie started his lame joke and tricky tricks to entertain everyone..
Anyone can guess what's he holding?

Then WC is the victim- Joke of the day!lolz.He kena tricked and everyone burst with laughter

Next victim- SSC-holding smth-one of rui's trick

Took pic with dearest bestie a.k.a very super long old fren..
Ju & m3

Group Photos without eddie coz he is still sleeping..

Last group photo before everyone left..

Too bad some of them are not around this year and this yr cny seems nothing special also. Guess everyone starts working and has their own life. Hard to accomodate the time as well..However, effort is not wasted. At least we got a group gather together few hrs to play and chat for the year!
Hope we can organize another gathering soon. But this time round i hope dun wanna be organizer liao..
Uploaded photos at fb as well..check it out


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