Meeting v Francesca


(Took these pics from Maria's friendster)hehe!

The name of the newborn baby gal.She’s only 2kg plus. Tiny little gal with a beautiful set of eyes (same as her mum).I think her eye lashes are longer than me “_”lll
Visited Maria yesterday after I reached Singapore again..I lost my way trying to find a way to her place.Blur blur lately..So, chatted for few hours before i headed back my TP house.
How was my weekend?huh..nothing special. Sis going back to school again. Busy with her school works.getting prepare for her PMR soon. The other one is busy packing to get ready for the new sem. Rachel & Mum drove her back to KL yesterday. 'Hao Ming' wo..lolz
CNY is in 2 weeks time and i haven't get ready for it!I haven't start my shopping spree!Oh gosh..seems like this year everything is moving so fast.Time like flash you know.U will never know what turns out next. Oh ya..planning for the secondary 10yrs anniversary @ Ju's house and hope it works. Seems like some are good enough to appreciate and reply me instantly so i can make arrangement.
Anyway, We had concluded to have the gathering @ Ju's house on 2nd day of CNY during lunch hour. Lucky for us that her mum will help us to order catering services.Shall have more things to blog by CNY then..
P/S: Moody mood lately..Gonna buck up and learn to be smart EQ!


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