Jaime Farewell Dinner

Jan first event of the year..hehe!
Had a great farewell dinner for dear Mei Yee. She is leaving us soon to Middle East to work soon.Managed to call her sec frens to join the gathering. Decided to go to Cafe Iguana-mexican restaurant located at Riverside Point, Clark Quay. Pics says:-

The restaurant's design in different point of view & the menu..

Didn't manage to take the pics of the food because of my lousy skill.hehe!Can't fix the right settings to take the shot of the food. The lightings are dim in the restaurant so end up can't share with u the foods that we ordered. But the foods there are not bad. We ordered fajitas, burrito and other mexican food. Sum said the food taste like indian food and some even said we are having 'roti prata' for dinner.lolx.

In the end, we spend SGD121++ for the dinner and everyone is not full. So....
The guys having discussion where is the next stop...The gals start to cam-whoring while waiting for their decision


Ruinnie & m3- She is still so lovable and spontaneous lady..

Beauties (Ruinnie-Marimo-Huei Then-Jaime-M3)-I'm the tallest among them..lolz

After the cam-whoring & their final decision is to GEYLANG to eat Frog Porridge.It's famous in sg. Pic below is the group photo taken. As for the food, didn't take this round but can see the foods that we ordered. Lotsa,rite?But we only paid around sgd70 for the whole meal.

After the group photo, we went to see 'fish' in the 'aquarium'. New terms that i learnt yesterday frm my seniors. 'Fish' refering to the hookers in geylang. We walked in a group along the lorong and those ladies are so hot and sexy!No wonder the men can't resist their temptation and dying for the 'service'. Mostly are China lady and they have great figure as well especially their bust. We also saw Indian hookers and also Malay (presume) or Indonesian hookers.So open standing in a row and the guys jz stand there to choose. No wonder they called it 'aquarium'.
We had a long walk around 15mins i think to look for the soybean and dough which is also famous in GEYLANG. We walked from Lorong 7 to 27A. U can imagine how far is that with my high heel shoes.
This is the last stop cum supper of the day...
I ordered soya beancurd and the beancurd is so smooth and taste nice as well. Costs SGD1.60 if not mistaken. As the price for the rest of the items, i dun know.hehe!Anyway, got photos to share here..

We ended the gathering around 10 plus and we took photos to end the session
P/S: Mood swings badly.. :(


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