City Hall to Raffles

Kai Sing (Alice) came to Singapore for holiday. So i met her after my sat work at city hall mrt. Was so hungry and no idea where to head for late lunch. So i suggested to bring her to esplanade outlet for japanese feast. Coz i still have voucher for the month.yet to use. We ordered Hotate cheese yaki, Fried Salmon skin, Hamachi kama (fish head) & anago handroll (which i suggested her to try). Then we start to chat like for 2 hrs i think and laughing all the way..

After the lunch, i took her to esplanade library for a walk to see.She said wanna go for sight-seeing. need spend money ma.We only need a digital camera to click non-stop to take the shots.We headed to floor terrace at esplanade to see the overview of the marina bay, integrated resorts and Singapore Flyer view.
Random photos taken throughout the late noon and evening..

Then we walked all the way to raffles mrt station. It has been long long time i walked through it. Coz it's damn far. Luckily i had my sport shoes on.Then we foung TCC and had our foot rest there before headed back jb.

Drinks that we ordered. From the L is my drink-Peach me Up!Contains peach and vanilla blended. Very nice!!The followed by her drink Berry Oreo blended. The taste is much more stronger than mine.. But the drink cost us like SGD7+ for it..I think we are paying for the ambience instead of the drink coz it's kinda expensive.haha!I think i starting to be stingy to spend the $$ liao..

Finally got the parcel from the online shopping website. Gonna send the present to my colleague and my ex-colleague this week. Will post up once i give it to them coz i dun wanna reveal it here yet..Actually nothing special but jz wanna get it for them.. :)


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