Astons Express Experience

Last Fri my colleagues and i went to Balestier to have dinner. My senior was tempted by me and tag along in the end. lolx.But kinda fun as we all go off on the spot to have dinner at ASTONS EXPRESS which located at balestier. I was wanting to try this western foods from Astons ever since Pam suggested but no chance. The restaurant actually located in this building.Cool right?The building is so ancient and well preserved.

The price is reasonable and cheaper than restaurants like Swensen.lolz. The food is also not bad. 3 of us so each ordered a set. Spagethi served with the mushroom soup and garlic bread costs SGD6.50. Worth it?haha!The portion is big as well.My colleague has difficulties to finish it..

Up next is the main course ordered by my colleague and myself. She had beef steak which i forgotten how much. The beef is tender and is medium well-served. Then she has 2 side dish which she can randomly choosed from the menu.
As for myself, i ordered pork chop with 2 side orders which i can choose randomly as well. The meat is tender and the pasta salad is refreshing. But wat i wanna said that the portion is big. It's value for money...

We waited for almost an hr for the bus to toa payoh interchange after the dinner.Fui yo..i was so sleepy tat time. Dun know y.Maybe i jz feeling like a pig after the dinner.haha!
Up next-meet up with v long fren and ex-neighbour the following day...
P/S: The flu is killing me now..


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