Gathering Buzz

Before i start to share the gathering, let me show u smth.The sacrifice that every gals need to pay in order to wear high heels & be elegant.haha!Damn painful and those plasters on almost every toe,right? Take noted. This is not my leg ho..I jz took out my camera and take a shot to show here.
She decided to sold off the high heel shoes and prefer the flat shoes in the end. I think i will do the same coz i can't stand the pain with the skin peel off and reddish..

Enough of the high heel story.Let's see what we had for our mini gathering- YH,Angel-mama,maria,cher,sam & myself. Our Ms HL gone missing. She's not joining.So, we all went for low budget dinner at AMK hub foodcourt. Surprisingly the last minute dinner response was overwhelming.Everyone is so spontaneous to agree on the dinner.haha!

See the finger crossing?tat's samantha dinner. she said the kuey teow is damn lousy not nice at all.She ordered at a thai stall.

So, after the dinner, we went for a drink at McD. But we did ordered french fries for light snacks.Then Cher treated us drinks and chocolate & strawberry ice-cream. Random shots at McD and chit chat there a while before two mamas need to go back and look after their beloved baby.

Had a great laughter throughout the nite.It's good tat we can get together once in a while and buzzing here and there.lolz.Hope to have another gathering soon. I think the next gathering will be Maria's b'day on may gua..Hope by then everyone will be present and we can have more pics taken. Especially when angel-mama is around.She will come out with all kind of tricks and poke funs with us..


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