Grandma's Restaurant

Had an expensive dinner yesterday at this restaurant called Grandma's Restaurant. The restaurant concept is like Madam Kwan's Restaurant in KL,M'sia. They served peranakan malay foods. Those homecook dishes. The restaurant located at United Square which is at the same building as my office tower. It is a wedding invitation card bought us to the dining place.

Basically, the design of the restaurant is also alike like Mdm kwan's restaurant. The restaurant is spacious and very cold temperature as well. I was freezing while having my dinner there.hehe!We which includes Michelle & her bf met up for dinner to pass her Zihui's wedding card. Our fren getting marry this week and i gonna attend wedding dinner again..

Random pics taken from Michelle's camera..

Business not doing well. The place is not filled up. We was there around 7pm..

Wall pictures from one of the walls taken...

Then we ordered the famous Nasi Bukhari which costs SGD15.80. (a pilaf rice dish with prawns, beef rendang and a chicken drumlet). The chicken drumlet i shld said thumbs up!Taste fantastic. The chicken skin is crispy and taste like KFC chicken.haha!

This reminds me of the nasi lemak ayam i had during my old times at tarc. The nasi lemak ayam is famous and cost RM3.00 only. I think i wanna go back there and eat one fine day..haha

Nasi Lemak SGD10.80. It alike like Mdm Kwan's nasi lemak as well. Based on the review the chef is actually from Mdm Kwan's so he has develop the culinary skills from there. Resources from here

Close up pic..Looks delicious rite?

Then we ordered Otak-otak cost SGD8.80. Damn expensive and the taste is acceptable not tat very very nice. I still prefer m'sia otak-otak.

Then we have side order for the chicken drumlet because the chicken taste so nice that they craving for more. This plate costs us SGD6.80.

Dessert time...We have cendol & bubu cha cha (SGD3.80)

Before gula melaka pour out..
After pour out...

Hot Bubu Cha cha with sago in it.Taste so-so and serve warm only.

There you go a shot of michelle & myself in the restaurant after the dessert..

Add Video The last photo makes me look so fat and fat lady... :(


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